The Press Conference is being created by Jamen Shively and colleagues at Radish.org, as well as the wonderful community at TheConversation.cc

The Press Conference exists within a larger context of four distinct perspectives on the emergent network of conversations and projects, all converging in one place and time – The Press Conference – and from there spring-boarding to the other three.  The set of four, in logical order:

·      The Press Conference – you are HERE!

·      The Conversation

·      SNAC.bar

·      Togetherland

All of what follows is one story about how these four perspectives work together, each with their own website, conversations, Open Houses, and focus.

I invite you to start by either a) watching the following 37 minute video I made, which provides a very solid overview of “the whole of it”, or b) scrolling on down and continuing reading, or c) (my favorite) both!



Regardless of whether told via video, such as the preceding, or via text as follows, it is all . . . 

. . .  ONE STORY . . .


The Network of Conversations

Awakening, Self Identity, Conscious Evolution, and Planetary Transformation


Chapter 1:  The Emergent Network of Conversations


Everything centers around the emergent Network of Conversations.

Not just any conversations – transformational conversations.

And by transformational conversations we mean conversations which address, in one or more ways, the fundamental question:

How do we save, heal and transform life on Earth?

There are on the order of millions of active, recurring transformational conversations in the world, via videoconferences such as Zoom.  Typically these conversations happen on a weekly basis, though some are monthly, and some are even daily.  Some are even ongoing 24×7 (people come and go, but the conversation never stops – the main 24×7 zoom room called The Campfire within the zoom room of TheConversation.cc is a great example of that — please visit us!  https://zoom.us/j/595172819  ).

The Press Conference is a step (among many) to bring greater togetherness, interconnectivity, and sharing between and among these myriad transformational conversations out there, spanning individuals, groups and networks.

One of the key vehicles supported by The Press Conference, and in turn supporting such togetherness and connections among the different conversations within the emergent network of conversations, is precisely the vehicle of the Open House which a given conversation hosts for the entire world to join and connect with them.

Many conversations “live” within a larger network of conversations, such as Good of the Wholethe SINE Network, or The Conversation.

Regardless of whether a conversation is part of such a larger network, or is “stand alone”, each of these conversations, in general, beckons for greater exposure to two groups:

1.  Other transformational conversations (and the groups which hold them)

2.  The rest of the world — in general, those folks who are not yet part of one or more transformational conversations.

The need for both of these forms of greater exposure is based on a vision for our future mediated and moderated by a vast network of conversations, to which all of humanity is invited, not just as an audience, but all of us together as co-creators.

To get a feel for what is meant by “Open House”, we recommend a visit to TheConverastion.cc, and from there to the Zoom room which is active 24×7, and always open to everyone to join The Conversation, which is always an extremely safe and welcoming space:


Please feel free to join us here any time!  It is open 24×7 (except when folks fall asleep in the middle of the night 😉  ), so just pop in any time.

The calendar for The Conversation can be found by scrolling down a ways on the homepage of https://theconversation.cc/

Please pardon the pitch for TheConversation.cc, but it really does represent a great example of both a) a small network of transformational conversations, and b) an Open House culture which is alive 24×7 in the main room — The Campfire.  Hence it is a great “sample” of the emergent Network of Conversations.  It really must be experienced; reading about it will only get one but so far.  So jump in and join us when you are ready.  Mother Earth needs us all now; right now, actually.


Chapter 2:  The Medium and the Mechanics


In a nutshell: how do we save, heal and transform life on Earth?

We answer that question at two levels:

·      The medium

·      The mechanics which take place within the medium

The medium is the emergent planetary Network of Conversations, all oriented towards saving, healing and transforming life on Earth.

The mechanics which take place within this Network of Conversations include the following:

·      Collective sense-making of exactly what is going on in our world

·      Collective solution design and development – the collective, open-source co-creation of solutions to save, heal and transform life on Earth

·      Collective planning, implementation, monitoring and feedbacks, and ongoing optimization of all of the preceding

Each and every one of these mechanics is mediated, moderated, and in fact orchestrated by the Network of Conversations.

I mean, please think about this for a minute:  By what else would these mechanics be orchestrated, other than conversations within a vast, hyperconnected network of conversations?  (again, I am reminded of Ozzy Osbourne’s lyrics in Crazy Train — “one person conditioned to rule and control; the media sells it, and you play the role.”  Hitler and Trump gave us examples of this; how did those work out?)

The first step is to build the medium. The medium has been building itself, haphazardly.  Now it is time to build multiple layers of structure and connectivity within the medium, as well as have deep conversations about the strategy of evolution of the medium itself.

We offer four layers in support of this, among the myriad other layers in the form(s) of communities, services and other resources available on the web, with new ones becoming available every day in support of fundamentally the same mission:  The saving, healing and transforming of life on Earth, through a rapidly evolving Network of Conversations.  The four layers “we” (who are “we”, anyway?) are offering in support of this rapid evolution are:  The Press Conference, The Conversation, SNAC.bar, and Togetherland.


Let us now look at each of these four layers, all linked and bound to the present The Press Conference, which is also the first layer on the list:


The Press Conference constitutes a form of “secret love child” between TED Talks, and the Paris Fashion Show.  Simultaneously, it constitutes a form of speed-networking among the hundreds, then thousands, and eventually (and given the exponential nature of the growth of all this, it will not take long to get to . . . ) millions of individuals, groups and networks, all engaged in transformational conversations, within the rapidly growing and evolving Network of Conversations.

The Press Conference starts on 11/19/20, and a fresh new The Press Conference happens every Thursday thereafter, with 100% new content and guest presenters each week.  Each week, 100 new transformational conversations will be showcased via their chosen representative, who will each speak for 2 minutes, recorded and broadcast, about their respective conversation(s), and invite the world, including you, to join them at a weekly or monthly Open House.

The Conversation constitutes a place where anyone (like you!) can come to create a conversation, which you can immediately invite the world to join.  We are also home to a wonderful community of solutionaries, who are meeting basically 24×7, in a race against time to save life on Earth.  We lovingly and wholeheartedly invite you to join us!  https://theconversation.cc/  and the corresponding 24×7 zoom room:



SNAC.bar – the Social Network of Actual Conversations – constitutes, just as the name sounds, a place where anyone can come to “snack on“ the very 2-minute introductions to the myriad conversations recorded at The Press Conference.  A visitor to SNAC.bar, snacking around on the various conversations out there, may create a personalized list of conversations to visit and perhaps participate in.

These hundreds, then thousands of “snacks” will be organized by major category, such as:  Exponential Planetary Overheating and How to Cool Mother Earth in Time, Feeding Everyone, Togetherness & the Network of Conversations, Decommissioning Nuclear, Saving the Amazon and other Rainforests, Water, Human Needs and Human Rights, Transforming Humanity’s Footprints, Transforming Politics, Growing Food . . . and perhaps a dozen other major categories, just to get us started.  And of course the catch-all “Other” at the end, for those conversations which do not fit into any of the aforementioned couple-dozen major categories.

Togetherland (thank you Bret Warsharwski et al; their idea; we take the liberty to expand upon it here) includes a virtual amusement park of life-changing “rides”, which can best be described as conversations which expand the mind and reality beyond present constraints, provide a gateway to myriad conversations which, prior to taking such rides, would have remained mostly off-limits to “normal folks”.  Among these will be:

·      The Ghost Train – a journey with Prof. Guy McPherson into the world of exponential planetary overheating.  Here is where you will learn about the good, the bad, and the ugly of exponential planetary overheating.  This ride is not recommended for folks under the age of 25, maturity-wise.

·      The SRM Train – a journey away from a world of exponential planetary overheating, and toward a world where we are cooling Mother Earth, arbitrarily quickly by reflecting more and more sunlight back into space; it is really that simple, so why is humanity so slow to catch on?  The SRM Train addresses all these topics.  We will start with segments of presentations from Dr. Ye Tao at Harvard.

·      Collective Superintelligence’s Starship Enterprise

·      And many more!  Stay tuned . . .

Most of these rides in Togetherland last for 3 hours or more.  “Lifeguard-style support” will be provided throughout via The Campfire within TheConversation.cc, wherein Togetherland will be hosted.

Of this quartet, ThePressConference.org (you are HERE) and TheConversation.cc are currently operational. SNAC.bar and Togetherland are in planning and design, pre-development.


Chapter 3:  The Press Conference


So how does the press conference work?

Like any complex adaptive system worth its salt, the mechanics are very simple, and the derivatives and implications are profound.

Let us start with the simple mechanics:

The Press Conference happens every Thursday, starting November 19, 2020. The Press Conference always has two parts:  Part I, and Part II.

Part I last for one hour, with a handful of guest speakers speaking for a few minutes each, about the emergent and evolving Network of Conversations, and where it is “at” in its evolution as of the Thursday in question.

Part II last for five hours, during which representatives of 100 conversations present for 2 minutes each, about who they are, what they are talking about, their goals, mission, etc., as well as an invitation for you to join them at their (weekly or monthly) Open House.

The Press Conference happens every week, for a number of reasons, centered around the urgency for all of the relevant conversations to come together and self-identify as a planetary network of transformational conversations — what we are calling the Network of Conversations.

Creating a weekly event constitutes a concentrated effort to showcase hundreds of conversations every month, to each other, and to the world.

The message in all cases is this:  join us. We can do this, if we come together in time. The time is now.

Humanity, it is time for a conversation.

It is time for The Press Conference.

Sign up on the SIGN UP page herein.

We welcome all individuals, groups and networks, who either have, or wish to have, a conversation with the world on a given topic, to consider signing up.  That’s right — even if you do not yet “have” a conversation that is a “going concern”, please do not let that stop you.  Just create it by naming, scheduling a time for it (you are welcome to set it up on TheConversation.cc — just pop into the following zoom room and tell us about it!  It’s really that easy:  https://zoom.us/j/595172819

Let us start with the individual: consider an individual, possibly yourself, who has never led a public conversation on Zoom (or any other video conference platform) before. But you have an idea… A passion… related to saving, healing and/or transforming life on Earth.  Something you would like to share with others. Something you would like to talk about with others.

In my case, one of those things is SRM — Solar Radiation Management.  So one of the conversations I will introduce at the first The Press Conference, in 2 minutes, will be a conversation about SRM, the *only* way to cool Mother Earth in time to save life on Earth, to be implemented in conjunction with myriad “drawdown solutions”, which have a vastly longer time-lag for impact.

Whatever your thing is, we encourage you to consider starting a conversation about it.




Thank you for reading the above three chapters!

As you may have guessed, all of this lives and fits within a larger philosophical context, which is explored a separate page herein:  PHILOSOPHY